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International Women's Day and GCDA!

At GCDA we’re always working to put opportunity first, and on International Women’s Day (8th March 2023), we’d like to reaffirm our commitment to closing the gender gap which consistently keeps women from unlocking their true potential.

More than a century after women in the UK were first able to cast their vote, women are still earning less than men, still finding it harder to access top jobs and still finding childcare responsibilities fall largely on their shoulders.

Claire Pritchard CEO of GCDA says:

“I have daughters as well as a granddaughter, and I want them to have every chance in life. At GCDA we offer a wide range of FREE training courses that will open doors for women from all the diverse communities within our borough and help them achieve their goals. Whether you want to launch your own business, improve your social media skills or pep up your PR, GCDA is here to help. We've already enabled hundreds of women to realise their dreams."

Go to GCDA Learning and have a look at the wide range of FREE training courses we offer.
Make International Women’s Day the day YOU start living YOUR dreams!
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