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"Declutter your home & declutter your mind"

Updated: Jan 13

Marine André is a Greenwich-based home organiser.

She was inspired to set up her own business after watching a webinar on the KonMari method. She took a Business Start Up course with GCDA Learning which helped her gain the confidence she needed.

She tells GCDA her story.

Tell us how you came up with your business idea?

"I'm keen on doing my bit for the planet, and during the pandemic I attended a webinar on Zero Waste. The session included a presentation on the KonMari method. It all really resonated with me and gave me the idea for my business En route to Joy. I help declutter people's minds by decluttering their space. It’s scientifically proven (and evidence-backed) that feeling good at home has a positive impact on people’s wellbeing - and it also helps us reduce our communal carbon footprint. Clients reach out to me when they feel overwhelmed. Decluttering is a tool - the outcome is happiness!"


Have you always worked in this field?

"No. I used to work in corporate social responsibility (something I still do part-time). But I've always been extremely organised at work and in life, so I use a lot of transferable skills. However, I’d say that home organising needs a more emotional approach.  We're not trying to make rational decisions for our homes, we want to FEEL instead."


How did you set up?

"I used a redundancy package to pay for my accreditation which was around £2K and that's it really. I then searched for all the free tools I could, including website hosting and GCDA training."


What GCDA courses have you done?

"I attended the Business Start-up course which provided a great overview of all I needed to know. It’s good to do it before you set up your business, but even if you’re already established you'll find gaps that you haven't thought of, so it’s useful then too. I also completed the PR and Marketing course to help improve my website content and improve accessibility. The course reminded me that although I know everything there is to know about my business, my clients don't, and it's important that I put myself in their shoes so they can relate."

Would you recommend GCDA Learning to others?

"200%!  The content of GCDA’s courses is detailed, relevant and professional, and the trainers are simply amazing. They’re able to help build relationships between attendees and provide advice and guidance too. All you need to do in exchange is fill in the Learner Journal - it's a no brainer!"


Why does community matter to you?

"Giving back to the community is one of the most rewarding experiences and is an act of generosity that creates a ripple effect of kindness and compassion. This is why I also deliver workshops at local libraries and at Maggie's Royal Free, a charity providing free cancer support and information."

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