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Alice Gur-Arie

Alice Gur-Arie 2125-2SQ.jpg

Painter and Photographer

Alice is a self taught, award nominated artist who takes photographs around the world and repaints them into contemporary, limited edition, fine art images. Inspired by the natural world, landscapes, seascapes, nature, and wildlife dominate her portfolio, ranging in style from bold saturated abstracts to soft, textured tones.

Alice’s work has been exhibited at the Embassy of Iceland in London and auctioned at Christie's London. Her images appear on book covers, and are held in private collections in North America and Europe. Her first art book of images and short stories,Twelve, will launch in 2022.


Her creative process starts with a photograph, which is treated like a canvas. Images are interpreted as they are repainted by hand digitally with a "brush", sometimes in “washes” or layers, and pixel by pixel as detail requires.


Using this same creative approach, Alice creates art greeting cards for all occasions, a selection of which are displayed below.

An extensive collection of art greeting cards, one-of-a-kind artworks and small prints can be seen in Alice’s Instagram galleries. If you’d like to commission a unique work, contact Alice directly at


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