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Haffeera Cader Saul


Illustrator, artist, and author

Haffeera is a Greenwich borough Londoner who is an illustrator, designer, artist, author.

Her influences stem from her Guyanese mother and Sri-Lankan father and family. Throughout her childhood, they encouraged her to read and paint. Visiting exhibitions, book shops and libraries. This love of the “Arts” carried on through secondary school and the Sixth form, studying English Literature and Art. They encouraged her to apply to Camberwell School of Art where she completed a foundation in art and design. Then followed a BA in graphic design at LCC (University of Arts London), where she explored typography and bookmaking. She then started her first job at a packaging company, where she designed and art-worked computer game packaging. She soon grew tired of this and wanted to pursue more creative and found a job in an entertainment advertising company. She was made redundant and began designing for an insurance company and was, again, made redundant. It was then she returned to University and completed an MA in Communication Design at Kingston University. It was here she started to experiment more and wrote her first book called Orange.


After graduating, she found it challenging finding work in this field and just fell into freelancing, which worked out well as her Dad became ill and meant she could spend more time with him.

Haffeera looked back at projects and realised that her work involved words associated with current events, as did the images created by herself. This was a eureka moment when she wrote and self-published another book, called  'Are you there?' Buzzed the Busy Bees for children using rhyme and rhythm. Educating them on different animal characteristics. She occasionally does book readings and puppet shows.

All of her artwork is drawn from first-hand accounts and inspiration from real-life instances using mixed mediums. From watercolours, Gouache and oil painting to pencil, pen incorporating digital elements to tell the stories of different worlds.

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