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Doll making workshop

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Join us at GCDA's community venue Woolwich Front Room and try your hand at decorative doll making in this fantastic free workshop led by London based artist Tanaz Assefi.


Sat 16th Dec 10.30-1.30 Woolwich Front Room, 105 Powis Street, SE18 6JB

Using simple household materials and an exciting mix of African and European textiles, Tanaz will draw on a centuries' old tradition from her native Iran in which mothers would gift their daughters a simple handmade doll on their wedding day. Each doll, carried a paper scroll on its back containing the story of its maker and was seen as a symbolic 'friend' for the daughter as she headed off into her new life.

Tanaz (who recently featured on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour talking about her unique collection of hand-crafted Iranian dolls and their cultural significance), is passionate about sharing this fascinating tradition which is sadly on the decline.

This workshop is part of our new Black History 365 programme and is a truly unique event which we hope will capture some original stories and encourage multicultural dialogue. Please note that whilst workshop participants may take their finished dolls home with them, they will be required to loan them back to GCDA for our Black History 365 fashion exhibition which will be held in July next year.

To book your FREE slot please click here.

Minimum age 8 years old. All children must be accompanied by an adult. NB these dolls are not intended as toys.

NB This workshop will take place at Woolwich Front Room , 105 Powis Street, Woolwich SE18 6JB - NOT at Made in Greenwich.

Woolwich Front Room offers a delicious hot meal, affordable hot drinks, and tempting cake to make your crafting session even more enjoyable!

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