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Dear Made in Greenwich friends,

We'd like to introduce you to our brand spanking new MIG News blog that will keep you up to date with everything that's going on here at Made in Greenwich. Our new shop-able website is up and running and it's proving the perfect way for people to carry on supporting local artists and makers in spite of the lock down. We even had our first international order from Spain a couple of weeks ago with the lovely Mr Mack packaging up a beautiful Wayne Foskett framed pinhole camera print for transit! It arrived in one piece and has brought a smile to someone's face in these difficult times.

We'd love to hear all about how you're making your time at home creative and fulfilling and we'd love to share your ideas for helping others to cope too. If you'd like to be a guest blogger - please email me, and we'll post you news and ideas.

Also watch this space for future details about our bricks and mortar shop which will be back as soon as we're permitted to re-open. There'll be tea and virtual hugs all round!

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