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"Streamlining my life" by Janey Jones

I was lucky enough to meet professional organiser Isabelle Lamy during the Made in Greenwich upcyling workshop that was held back in early March at Ikea in Greenwich. Isabelle is currently prototyping her virtual training format and luckily, I am one of her guinea pigs! To start with I gave her a virtual tour of my flat so she could see the huge challenge that faced her. We decided to break down the chaos and start with some of my haberdashery collection. As a prop maker and artist I've got all sorts of things stashed away in cupboards. For example, all my beautiful ribbons are shoved in various cupboards, drawers and bags, and I can never lay my hands on what I want, even though I know it's hiding there somewhere. I collected all the ribbons in a huge  pile, pinned all the loose ends, and put them back in a organised way. It's daunting at first and does take a surprisingly long time, but I'm hoping the long-term benefits will be worth it. I already feel a bit more in control. Next time I want a particular  ribbon - I won't need a search party to try and find it!

Janey Jones is an artist and prop maker. Check out her work on this link here.

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