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No more wrapping paper - EVER!

You know what it’s like. You're searching in vain for something to wrap that special little gift in but can’t lay your hands on the wrapping paper. Well look no further. How about trying this easy and fun way of making your own upcycled gift bags courtesy of ?

You'll need: paper, glue, and a hole punch (optionall), then some ribbon or another tie of some sort. In the examples above Mary Jane used a piece of twine, a couple of buttons threaded onto wire, and a brass paper fastener to close the bags. She also used scissors with a fancy edge on the smaller of the two bags just to make them even prettier but that's just an added extra!

You can try making these bags with newspaper, sheet music, a map, the pages of an old book - anything will do. Try adding a matching tag as well! Follow the video to learn the technique. You could slip a piece of card into the bottom of the bags to reinforce them, but remember these bags aren't designed for heavy objects. NB - for the newspaper version above, a large sheet of paper was first folded in half and then stuck to itself for added strength. Have fun!

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