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Meet the Maker - "Come on into Sarah's Art Bizarre!"

Sarah J Harper is a multidisciplinary artist who works under the name 'Harper Bizarre Art' in Plumstead, Greenwich. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she has featured in a variety of publications.

Juggling childcare and caring for a husband with a chronic illness, her work is often used as a vehicle to rant, or an opportunity to escape. For the past few years Sarah's primary focus has been on ceramics and money art, though since the pandemic hit last year she has been working much more on paintings.

Sometimes, but not exclusively, Sarah uses art as a form of activism, and is sometimes 'naughty' - as can be seen in her 'Sweary Landscape' series.

Through colours, objects, text, medium and subject matter she likes to capture emotion, often an intensified version of daily occurrences.

"My work is a celebration of my mind at the point of impact, so it may be beautiful and decorative, or it may be functional and realistic. Sometimes it may be filled with messages, often of protest or everyday exclamations or phrases. I like to try to communicate through my art, so that each viewer can invest themselves in it in some way, whether that is on a deep level or simply frivolous".

Sarah has worked with Made in Greenwich since it began. You can buy several designs created exclusively for us including signed art prints, and some very limited-edition mugs. Sarah’s work can be quite whimsical, and many of the pieces have a quirky Greenwich theme to them.

The concept of celebrating and supporting local artists, businesses and initiatives lies deep within Sarah's work, and in her own personal choices too.

"We can all make that choice to buy local. Even in times of pandemic and crisis the option to click on a local trader’s website instead of a large-scale company is there. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know that I do a happy dance every time someone purchases my work!"

We hope to help Sarah do her happy dance as often as we can! Shop our selection of Sarah's work by clicking on this link - and check out her website by clicking here

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