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Made in Greenwich in the news

We're very excited to have been featured in this month's edition of Wharf Life, which is delivered to 5000 homes locally and distributed throughout Canary Wharf, Royal Docks, Stratford, Wapping and Deptford. In fact 15000 copies in total are produced and distributed with each print run.

Editor Jon Massey believes firmly in the power of the local press and it's wonderful to be able to reach people through the medium of print by a publication that puts the local community so high up the agenda.

Jon says his goal is to seek out the individuals, companies and charities that make and shape the communities they operate in. This month's edition has lots of interesting features on art, culture and creativity with a host of ideas for lockdown AND BEYOND!

Most local publications have fallen by the wayside, so let's give indie publishers like Wharf Life our full support. Thankyou Jon.

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