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Making honey - a mindful matter

They say that everything happens for a reason and Greenwich beekeeper Mick Coen has to admit that he’d never have discovered his love of bees if it hadn’t been for an ex- girlfriend. “The relationship fizzled out, but it sparked a passion that’s lasted a lifetime,” laughs Mick.

Mick has been keeping bees and making honey for 12 years now. When his former partner moved to the North of England, Mick bought the bees from her and enrolled on a course to learn the basics. He started with just two colonies of bees in Greenwich and now has ten hives across New Cross and Blackheath.

“I worked on the London underground for 37 years. After clocking off I’d head to my hives and just sit and watch the bees come and go. They’d return with their backs laden with multicoloured pollen (different flowers produce different shades of pollen). No matter how stressed I was, I’d soon get so absorbed in the bees that I’d forget my troubles completely.”

Mick is adamant that London is one of the best places in the country to produce honey. “There’s such a variety of flowers and trees in the capital that the season is extended, which is perfect for the bees. My honey is full of the flavours of our local parks and gardens and that’s why I love it so much!” We couldn’t agree more.

Mick’s Greenwich honey is available from our on-line shop for £12.00

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