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First time at an art show

Sue Pollock has worked for GCDA for 14 years and has only recently joined us at Made in Greenwich. She immediately fell in love with Emily Patrick’s work after seeing her cards in the shop. So, when the chance came for Sue to see Emily’s work up close at her recent exhibition in St James’s, she jumped at the chance. We thought you’d like to read about Sue’s impressions.

“I’ve not been into central London since lockdown, and to tell the truth, I’ve never been to an art exhibition before, so it was quite something for me! I was immediately struck by the bright and spacious venue, and the way that the paintings were hung to attract the eye. It must be a daunting task and a real skill hanging the paintings to show them at their best. 

I was amazed at the size of some of the work and the time it sometimes takes for an artist to complete a painting. For example, ‘Through Reeds to St Cross’ which acts as the focal point of the exhibition, took Emily 40 years to complete. Imagine!

I thought the framing was particularly impressive. Each frame was unique, the colours complimenting the paintings within. For instance, the intense rich red of ‘Fresh Radishes’ (£3000) was offset by a black chiselled wooden frame which almost looked like stone. 

My favourite painting (below) was ‘Portuguese Chair and Rabbit’ (£5000). I absolutely loved the colours. The story behind the painting fascinated me. The chair was found in a ruined farmhouse in Portugal. It needed some work to restore it, so a rush seat was added. The rabbit in the painting was Emily’s as a child - Rabbity Bab was obviously a favourite toy. The whole painting speaks of a period of gentleness, innocence and purity, a time where all things were done with care and compassion. A time of child-like norms.

Emily’s approach to her work is very distinctive. I love the way she uses the brush. She’s a real story-teller, whether she’s painting a still-life or depicting a vibrant scene. I feel that her choice of subject material reflects her inner character, one of quiet, peace, and stillness. A person with an inner contentment who appreciates all that life has to offer.

The exhibition was splendid, and it made me appreciate the amount of work an artist puts in to complete a piece. It was astonishing and humbling. Thankyou, Emily."

You can buy Emily's cards at Made in Greenwich and see her original work on her website

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