Tattoo Lady for the Titterland - Titterpot Design.jpg

Tattoo Lady for the Titterland - Titterpot Design.jpg

The Tattoo Lady. Such power and beauty captured in a pottery picture. The Māori call the historical tattoo Moko - What does Moko mean today? If the process is followed properly, Moko continues to mean what it has always meant. It is a symbol of integrity, Māori identity and prestige, as well as a reflection of whakapapa and history.


I wonder what these tattoos tell you about this strong lady?


I am sure you can see within her an element of Freda Kahlo? 


Welcome to the Titterpot world where all is Titterpotty. Handmade by Titterpot Design. Each pot, picture, brooch, fridge magnet has its character and world.

We love the Titterpot collection and once you jump into the dream world of Titterland you will want them all!

Size - 30cm wide x 60cm tall (est)


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