Mediterranean Bundle - 7 item


1- Short, twisted tube shaped paste, Copa Caccia's Caserecce has brilliant grooves for holding sauce and keeps its shape and consistency perfectly. 500g bag

2 - The bread can be eaten either dry or wet with water, wine, broth or a variety of sauces. It's perfect for brunch or as a nibble. We call it the Sardinian cracker for its crispy thin texture, that works really well on its own or paired with cheese and salami.

3 - Capo Caccia's truffle salami is aged for 40 days, made with pork and Italian black truffle

4 - Delicious pitted manzanilla olives with a nice touch of extra virgin olive oil. Ideal to share with all family as tapas, to add to a salad, pasta or in your own sauce or dip.

5 - Tuna tomato sauce with a harmonious taste, prepared with genuine ingredients and without preservatives.

6 - 100% Primitivo, ruby red with purple tinges, elegant and intense aroma reminiscent of raspberry and blackcurrant, smooth and round taste with soft and enveloping tannins and a lasting impressive finish.

7 - Jadranka from Balkan Bakes makes her filo pastry from scratch and then fills her burek with fresh mushrooms, onions, chilli flakes. This burek is the most popular dish on their menu and is delivered frozen and ready to bake.


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