Curly Olive Pilgrim - Titterpot Design

Curly Olive Pilgrim - Titterpot Design

Say hello to Curly Olive Pilgrim, this Pilgrim carries the symbol of peace on its back. To extend an olive branch is said to be an offering of peace. This could be the perfect gift to say sorry. Take a moment and stare into it calming face, eyes closed and its mouth set in a peaceful smile. You can imagine Curly Olive Pilgrim to be the peacemaker in the dream world of Titterland. 


The Pilgrim clam gently float on their flat bottom across the plain of the dream world of Titterland. It a pleasure to see them at work.


Welcome to the Titterpot world where all is Titterpotty. Handmade by Titterpot Design. Each pot, picture, brooch, fridge magnet has its character and world. 


We love the Titterpot collection and once you jump into the dream world of Titterland you will want them all!


Size - 13cm wide ear to ear x 17cm tall (est)

Ideas for usage - Vase - utensil storage - nicknack jar - or just have it sitting peacefully and enjoy the tranquility!


    Made in Greenwich

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