Catopic. Ceramic Ornamental Pots - Dinah Gosnell

Catopic. Ceramic Ornamental Pots - Dinah Gosnell

This range of Dinah's work is inspired by the canopic jars in the British Museum’s Egyptian section.
The Egyptian deity, Bastet, who took the form of a cat with a woman’s body was thought to be a protector and fertility symbol. Because of this, cats were always welcome in Egyptian households.
Carvings of cats’ heads were often used to decorate the lids of cosmetic, perfume or ointment jars.
Dinah says "some of the Catopic jars are decorated with 1950s fabric prints - just because I like them!"
In clay and decorate with underglaze colours before the final glaze firing.

Sizes vary with design between 10 and 20 cm high.


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