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Make your own horse!

Here at Made in Greenwich we work with some wonderfully creative people, many of whom have been helping others to stay upbeat and engaged during lockdown by sharing their talents for free.

Even if you're just feeling a bit lonely or downhearted, getting stuck into something fun and different can really help to take you out of yourself, especially if you're having to spend alot of time on your own.

Although this project by prop maker and artist Janey Jones is aimed at children, I for one would love to give it a go! If you're tearing your hair out from having the kids under your feet all day, or just fancy livening up your life a little, then why not have a go at making your very own horse?! No sophisticated equipment or knowledge is needed - just a few crafting essentials.

NB Made in Greenwich cannot be held responsible for the upkeep your horse may involve. Please ensure you have sufficient food and adequate stabling available before you begin.

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